What they cause clogged pores and how to clean them? homemade ways

What they cause clogged pores and how to clean them? homemade ways

Pores, small holes on the surface of the skin, allow it to get rid of sebum (sebum), sweat and dead cells. When they are extended, the more you see them. Unfortunately, it’s easy to clogging them up. When the pores are occluded, the skin more oily, formed comedones (blackheads), which look unsightly. Most often clogged pores appear on the nose, chin and forehead.

Worse, blackheads left to themselves often exacerbates, fester, are red and visible, makeup hard to cover – usually it even worsens inflammation. It is therefore important to know how to clean clogged pores, skin that was healthy and looked radiant. Useful to the simple rules of hygiene, clogged pores creams and facials.

Why clog pores? If we understand this mechanism, it will be easier for us to eliminate clogged pores on the nose, face and forehead, and, more importantly, prevented. Homemade ways to clogged pores are not complicated – the most important here is consistent, and regular daily operation.

decent cleaning

How to prevent clogging of the pores? The key here is proper hygiene face. Of course, that clog pores, it does not necessarily mean that we go with a dirty face and ignore basic beauty treatments. Often, however, we do not know how to properly care for your complexion.

Very important is the accurate and correct make-up removal. This is the main way to clogged pores. You should start by using appropriate cosmetic – usually milk or micellar fluid. After the make-up decent challenge swab (stronger makeup – thicker backing layer, ink, lipstick – often requires several swabs) need to wash face special foam or gel for purification to give. Then, the face should be dry; best suited for this paper towel. “Normal” towel that hangs in the bathroom a few days (and often much longer …), it is a breeding ground for bacteria – wiping the face will only worsen her condition. Cera does not like friction, paper towel should therefore be dry face gently, careful movements. After all, you have to use the tonic, because it restores the skin’s natural pH (cosmetics make-up remover often disturb them).

Warning! Such kilkufazowe washing your face should be performed no more than twice a day. Too frequent washing your face will cause the skin will secrete more sebum and clogged up the problem worse.

Useful in the treatment and the narrowing of the pores is also the cleaning brush face – either mechanical or sonic. If their skin is cleaned regularly and properly, it’s a good way to clogged pores.

suitable cosmetics

Heavy, poorly selected skin cosmetics are not used, expand and clog pores. On the “clogging” primer or face cream reacts very quickly – quickly, we can see blemishes and excessive oily skin. It is worth to try and look for a cosmetic effect, which will be suitable for us. You have to remember that there is no single product that can suit everyone, so finding the best foundation, cream or powder most often done by trial and error. Unfortunately, it often happens also that the corresponding cosmetic after some time cease to “fit” our skin and need to look again.

Many people think that the best cream for clogged pores is the matting. However, matting creams often too przesuszajÄ… skin and, paradoxically, it stimulates the secretion of more sebum and thus promote the expansion and clogging of the pores, and thus, the formation of comedones. The best creams clogged pores are lightweight, moisturizing. Try to use them under makeup.

clean instruments

Unfortunately, very often, many of us forget about the regular cleaning brushes or sponges makeup. Meanwhile, the daily use of all they collect dirt and bacteria. Unwashed and used by us day after day significantly worsen the condition of the skin. It also causes clogging of the pores and the formation of unsightly blackheads, undermines efforts to clean skin. Apparatus for make-up can be cleaned simply with warm soapy water, do not need specialized formulations.

The mask on the clogged pores

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to clogged pores – including different masks. You can buy them both and make yourself at home. We advise how to make masks at home clogged pores.

The first house on the way to clogged pores is a carbon mask. Its composition is short, and the execution of child’s play. Need activated carbon – you’ll find it at any pharmacy is sold in tablets. The second (and last) product is a yogurt (ultimately may be simply water). Coal crumble and mix it with yogurt. Do this 2: 1 ratio (e.g., two tablets atoms and one teaspoon of yogurt or four tablets atoms and two teaspoons of yogurt). Apply the mask on the face, leave it for about fifteen minutes then remove gently with a cotton pad, and the rest of wash water.

Another mask the clogged pores to mask gelatin. To do it is necessary milk powder and gelatin. The appropriate ratios are 2: 2, that is, two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of gelatin. The ingredients are mixed up together, then heat until formation of homogeneous mass. Then you have to put it on the site of the clogged pores. When you freeze (after 20-30 minutes), you can simply remove (should smoothly “peeled off” from the skin).

Help may also mask the clogged pores on the basis of clay. It is also time to time to do facial scrub to support skin in getting rid of dead skin. Warning! Masks should not do too often – can irritate the skin and przesuszyć. Using masks clogged pores twice a week quite enough.