You do 10,000 steps a day? Bravo! But it is not enough to lose weight

You do 10,000 steps a day? Bravo! But it is not enough to lose weight

Many experts are encouraged to ensure that the day to perform a minimum of 10,000 steps. Such regular walks to help us keep fit and effectively prevent weight gain. Recent research suggests, however, that it is a bit too optimistic assumption.

In recent years, a huge popular pedometers, both in the form of wristbands, as well as those in the form of applications on the phone. They all have one goal – to encourage us to move trendy makeup. Many of these devices is set so that it encourages to do 10,000 steps a day. Achieving this result has let us improve your overall health, maintain efficiency, avoid weight gain, and even get rid of extracurricular kilograms.

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Benefits of regular walking

Numerous scientific studies have proven that regular walks, during which 10,000 will do the magic steps have many advantages – they can lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular fitness, as well as reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Recent research suggests, however, that the habit of doing 10,000 steps a day, despite the obvious advantages, is no guarantee of weight loss. To prove this, researchers from Brigham Young Unviersity’s Exercise Science Department, together with experts of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science Department decided to conduct an experiment with students.

In a six months study it involved 120 people. Participants were asked to perform day 10, then 12.5, then 15 thousand steps. In addition, the scientists analyzed the other elements of their lifestyle, such as diet. The results of the experiment, which was published in “Journal of Obesity” can be presumed that it is not worth too much focus on the daily counting steps. The survey results clearly show the fact that the participants, instead of losing weight, slightly gained.

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“No inhibition of weight gain despite increasing the number of steps a day made for us was surprising, because the physical activity of participants gradually increased, and thus increased their energy expenditure. This is further proof that the movement itself is not enough to lose weight. Tracking steps can have a positive impact on increasing physical activity, but it does not translate into keeping the weight or prevent weight gain “- the study authors wrote.

Still, scientists are calling not to be discouraged and continue to walk. Even if you do not in fact lose weight, we will improve overall health. “This is a good way to change sedentary lifestyle for a little more active. The more time we spend in traffic, the better “- provide. And add that to get rid of extracurricular kilos, it is worth to bet on intensive physical activity, such as fitness, swimming or jogging.

Errors that do commit most hybrid nails. Their effects can be devastating

Errors that do commit most hybrid nails. Their effects can be devastating

Errors when doing self-nail hybrid

Poorly made hybrid is more harm than good. Such a manicure not only looks a lot worse, but also poses a threat to our nails. Fortunately, many common mistakes can be easily avoided.

Cut too deep peel

Before we proceed to apply hybrid gives our nails desired shape and remove skins. They can soften and move the stick, but it is faster and more efficient cutting. But it is easy to overdo it. When we cut too deep crust formed on the hand wound. In such a situation easily infected. Damaged skin hurts and causes discomfort. Application of hybrids in such a situation will cause burning.

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Too hard sawn board

Before applying the hybrid nail file off lightly. This allows better paint will stick to the surface Makeup blog. Many people, however, makes it too hard. It is easy to damage the nail, and the effects will be deplorable. Already during the application hybrids may occur if severe pain. And the image of our state plates will really cry to heaven for vengeance. Sawing nail pilnujmy not to overdo it. Just about alignment and dulling the surface.

picking hybrids

Hybrid nails can be filed off or dissolved with acetone. Both of these methods are putting at risk the plate, but there is something much worse. Picking nails. Unfortunately, many women in this manner is trying to get rid of the hybrids. Nails can be removed homemade, but not by their detachment. To remove the hybrid does not have to immediately go to the beautician (although if you have no experience, the better the output), but under no circumstances attempt to distract her from the nail. In this way, in the best case it osłabisz much. However, you can also break them, weaken and even break up completely!

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In addition to these three worst mistakes when taking a hybrid, there are several things you should pay attention.

  • Do not touch the nail plate already defatted
  • Saws nails before surgery, never been imposed on hybrid
  • Imposing lacquer do not forget securing the free edge of the nail
  • Use a cotton swab dust free. Normal can leave remnants of the fibers on the nails
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Confusion candidiasis

Confusion candidiasis

Is today nutritionists do not abuse diagnosis “candidiasis”?

It is fairly easily diagnosed by some dieticians or specialists in natural medicine. Although itch digestive system is not a problem contrived, actually difficult to diagnose and not easy to treat.

This term has now become extremely fashionable. Every second my friend says that it that “has mushrooms” in the digestive tract that has to go on a special diet …

The truth is, the candidiasis is extremely rare and almost never in a person generally healthy. If you do not have cancer, HIV, not gone through the long antibiotic treatment therapy, you took no immunosuppressive drugs, it is unlikely that you suffer from candidiasis.

Why do we get sick frequently after antibiotic treatment?

Because antibiotics lead to the destruction of the natural, physiological flora including in the gut. And remember that a healthy microbiota inhibits the growth of pathogens, including just yeasts. Interestingly, it turns out that not only antibiotics may exacerbate fungal infections of the gastrointestinal tract. Demonstrated, for example, steroids, contraceptives and agents lowering gastric acidity, also favor the growth of yeasts. What else? Also important are environmental conditions, such as stress or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It affects the development of the disease.

What are the typical symptoms?

When should we worry? Actually, it is difficult to distinguish the specific symptoms of candidiasis, a disease in different patients may be different. It is sometimes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, and sometimes gastrointestinal bleeding. The general symptoms may include poor resistance, weakness, recurrent infections, eg. Nasal or respiratory tract, various food intolerances, skin problems, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, depression, appetite for carbohydrates, disorders of the menstrual cycle.

Why these symptoms are so different?

Cells intruder, which is Candida, can sometimes penetrate into the blood vessels and spread throughout the body, attacking various organs. Therefore, we must remember that the previously mentioned symptoms can indicate many other diseases and because of this it is very important not only to consult a dietician, but first and foremost a doctor.

I heard that obese people and diabetics often suffer from candidiasis. Is it true?

Overweight and obesity are often the result of excess consumption of foods rich in simple sugars. That is they are the main factors over fungal colonization within the gastrointestinal tract. In contrast, diabetic disease may be due to the fact that the proliferation of yeast occurs due to high blood sugar levels. According to my knowledge, but there is no evidence that diabetes affects clearly the presence of Candida in the body.

Does this mean that fashion was created from a disease which does not really exist?

Absolutely I do not want anyone to think that candidiasis is an issue that has been invented. But no doradziłabym “antimoulding” on their own. I do not use too zaleciłabym miraculous “diet” or ” of parafarmaceutic”. It’s a waste of money! I will say this: if you have some health problems and suspect you candidiasis, go to the doctor. Perhaps you have a serious problem that requires radical pharmacological intervention.

When you need medication?

The introduction of antifungal drugs, for example. Nystatin, always decided by the physician. However, recent studies have shown that a therapy based solely on the antifungal pharmaceutical compositions does not give permanent results, because the symptoms return. That is why it seems so important to proper diet and supplementation with probiotics.


It has been shown that certain strains of bacteria contained in probiotics, have the property of inhibiting the proliferation of yeast and adhesion to the intestinal epithelium. Also reduce mucus secretion by cells of Candida, which makes them less resistant. In addition, probiotic bacteria have a beneficial effect on the immune system, supporting the natural defense mechanisms. In fact, probiotics are a great hope in the fight against candidiasis.

Is there any way you examine today candidiasis?

Yes, and this in several ways. However, once I check that the diagnosis is very difficult, because the disease can be different at each character and a completely different course. To begin with, the changes may be located either in the intestines and stomach or esophagus. In order to recognize the disease you can perform four different tests Victoria’s temptation. First endoscopic examination the affected places. Second, determining the antibody in the serum, and third designation Candida from stool – if it appears hypertrophy affects the large intestine. But the certainty that the results of the stool will be credible, we can not be one hundred percent, because the sensitivity and specificity of tests is sometimes different. Recent studies have reported that the fourth and quite effective study is to determine the D-arabinitol in the urine.

Full version of the interview in the magazine “I care about the health of” No. 5/2020.

Cider vinegar mix with water. Fluid daily wipe his face. The effects will delight you

Cider vinegar mix with water. Fluid daily wipe his face. The effects will delight you

With properties of apple cider vinegar has been used 5 thousand. years ago. He served, among others, for the treatment of liver and wounds and also to enhance resilience. Where did all these advantages? Cider vinegar owes it unique chemical composition.

What makes a cider vinegar?

This vinegar is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals as, among others, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and silicon, as well as B vitamins, vitamin C, biotin and folic acid. They are present in it also amino acids, enzymes and pectin.

Apple cider vinegar can be used for compresses, rubbing, bathing. You can prepare it with a drink, for example. Mixed with honey (the concoction helps you fall asleep). An excellent idea is also wiping the face. Why? Because it works perfectly on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, brightening, soothing skin inflammation. Cider vinegar can be a salvation for acne RILEY MAKEUP. You only need to mix green clay with enough vinegar to form a thick spreadable paste can face. Such a mask would mitigate inflammation and well affect the skin condition.

You can not just wipe the face, but also its solution rinse hair. Just tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a liter of water. Rinse the hair after shampooing and rinsing shampoo head. Thanks to its properties it closes hair cuticles, which hook the less and are more confusing and soft and shiny – look healthy. You can also massage the mixture of vinegar in the scalp (vinegar rub the skin and leave for 30 minutes), which is particularly desirable when troubles with dandruff and scalp itch. Such wcierka restores proper pH of the skin, has antibacterial and strengthens the hair roots, which reduces the loss strands.

What happens when you rub the face apple cider vinegar?

As in the book “Happy skin. Natural program ekopielęgnacji home,” says Adina Grigore, apple cider vinegar is the best natural astringent:

    restores the skin’s proper pH,
    reduces dryness of the skin
    inhibits the propensity to oiliness
    improves blood circulation
    kills bacteria and yeast, making apple vinegar is a good measure against comedones

  • restores the skin’s proper pH,

  • reduces dryness of the skin

  • inhibits the propensity to oiliness

  • improves blood circulation

  • kills bacteria and yeast, making apple vinegar is a good measure against comedones

  • How to use apple cider vinegar on your face?

    Adina Grigore advises that cider vinegar is an irritant, however, so be sure to dilute it – to one part vinegar give four parts water. Vinegar applied on the face with a cotton swab or sprayed the face (morning and evening). We do not wash it anymore.

    Apple cider vinegar can do yourself at home. It is very simple.

    How to make apple cider vinegar – a simple recipe

    Just peeled (not spray) apples cut into small pieces and together with skins (even from scraps, but without tails) to throw into a clean glass or stoneware dishes. All pour lukewarm water boiled with sugar (approx. 1 tablespoon per cup of water). The vessel cover with a paper towel or linen cloth (gauze is not indicated – through holes fruit flies can get into the liquid), and secure the rubber band that forms cider vinegar leave it in a warm dark place.

    After approx. 2 weeks, tan and fruits should not have to flow to the surface. It’s a sign that you need to remove them – Strain the liquid and therefore have no fruit to pour before the cleaned dishes, secure cloth and leave it again.

    After two – four weeks valuable vinegar should be ready (liquid will clearly acetic acid smell). We strain the vinegar and pour into a glass, preferably dark bottles. We can store it in the basement, pantry or cabinet.


    Natural make-up step by step. The skin will thank you!

    Natural make-up step by step. The skin will thank you!

    Natural, healthy, non-toxic? Take under the magnifying glass

    Healthy makeup has a lot of pluses. It looks more natural, is mild to the skin, non-toxic and in addition friendly planet. Although cosmetics bearing the label “eco” and “natural” appears on store shelves more and more, some of them beyond the name have nothing to do with nature. Do not get caught on pretty carefully read the label and warehouses. If you do not have knowledge that a component is healthy and what is not, try checking applications stores of cosmetics or read blogs devoted to an analysis of warehouses and choose the pro-ducts more consciously.

    Prepare the skin: the cream and SPF

    Smooth, moisturized skin is the best background for any makeup. Take care of your skin and after-care hallowed it a few moments each day. Wash the morning and stonizuj and in the evening also thoroughly wash makeup, e.g.,. By means of the natural oil (essential oil or a special favorite make-up remover). Before applying makeup massage into the skin moisturizing cream with natural ingredients and a small amount of sunscreen. If you are looking for a healthy sunscreen reach for the mineral filter – in a natural and non-toxic way to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and works well under makeup Many mineral filters leaving white film, so before buying, make sure that you-taken by you the product well melted skin.

    Choose healthier primer

    When healthy sleepers have to choose – on the market there are both light, natural BB creams made with organic, vegan ingredients, moisturizing creams with a touch of color, ie. tinted moisturizers, and good for the skin sleepers minerals. If you like satin or matte finish makeup, choose loose mineral foundation that will give you this effect. Apply it slightly moistened brush (e.g., spraying it. Thermal water). Closer to you fashionable glass skin effect, the radiant, luminous skin? Reach for the cosmetic cream or oil CUTE SECRET. For greater effect, “wet” skin can also apply natural make-up oil or pat a few drops of your fingertips on top of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Regardless of whether you choose a foundation, BB cream or powder, do not go overboard with the amount of makeup, because I talk about current trends emphasizing the natural beauty and does not cover up the strength of all imperfections.

    Correct what you need

    Use the equalizer to light up the area under the eyes, and if your skin is problematic, zatuszuj more pimples. Finding a natural equalizer is difficult, but doable – select equalizer or a mineral with organic ingredients. You may need to test a few to find the product that meets your expectations, but once you hit the appropriate, will be like the Holy Grail in your make-up bag. Equalizer can also be used as a base for shadows or rozświetlacza.

    Comb and capture your eyebrows

    Natural make-up likes simple solutions. It is true that you strongly emphasized eyebrows, if you like, but look minimalist type of feather brow is now very fashionable. “Featherweight” eyebrows reach with a brush and eyebrow gel that you can replace oil … or organic, colorless lipstick mouth. Comb eyebrows Italian pro-brush gently guide grooves in the direction of the temple. If you do not have a strong enough eyebrows to achieve a fashionable effect, you can cheat a little nature and dorysować single Italian crayon color-matched to the framing of your eyes.

    Roses and already

    In the market you will find many great bronzers and rose a healthy, vegan configurations. Their color range is slightly smaller than traditional cosmetics due to the use of only natural dyes, but their intensity can be graded by applying more or less product. Among the natural cosmetics you will also find non-toxic rozświetlacze, so you do not have to give up your favorite glow effect.

    Wytuszuj eyelashes

    Eyelashes for many of us, the dot over the “i” in makeup. Although hard to find a mascara for good formula-truth without toxic ingredients, which does not deviate from the classic inks, at least several brands, which will not be disappointed. Before purchasing the review-search network. This is what you should pay attention to, it is organic composition, pigments and mineral oils. Plus? Regular use of natural mascara works on strengthening your lashes, thanks to formulas based on organic nourishing oils.

    Utrwal make-up hydrolatem

    Fixer makeup has its effective natural counterpart, which you can use to fix the make-up, but also refresh the skin during the day or as a tonic. Hydrolate vegetable spray can not put the mask on your face, which did not move, but it will help melt cosmetics with skin and prolong the life of makeup in a healthy way for your skin. Reach hydrolate that you like: lavender, rose or orange? The choice is yours. Psst! If you do not know where to start searching for natural cosmetics, refer to the Rossmann drugstore – offer you can find a lot of completely new products with natural ingredients.