Now we wear manicure on short nails. Looks amazing

Now we wear manicure on short nails. Looks amazing

Trends 2020: A French manicure short nails

Short nails are comfortable and you do not have to force them to venture, if you dream of a French manicure. This season we are doing it in a different way. Instead of white nail the end, we focus on smooth color transitions. French ombre nails look beautiful regardless of the length of the nail. Short looks equally impressive and visually lengthens them slightly. Ideally the solution!

French manicure short nails looks very natural, and at the same time is as elegant as the classic version. Traditional french short nails do not look very attractive, but the version with the smooth transition of colors is impressive.

Short nails are not always a matter of taste and choice. Sometimes a necessity. Problems with the seediness has a lot of women. Break, break and rozdwajajÄ…. It is a signal that something is destroying your nails. The reasons for this state of affairs can be very much, ranging from errors in care by poor nutrition and ending with serious diseases. Manicures can help detox. This combination of intensive care with decoration.

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You can also unsettle white spots on the nails. Most often they do not provide anything dangerous, but still better not underestimate them. Any change in appearance is a cause and it’s worth it to know, to exclude or deficiencies or ailments. On the way home to take care of your nails, you can try to add garlic to paint. Yes, this versatile vegetable will also help the weak and brittle nails perfect allure.