Natural make-up step by step. The skin will thank you!

Natural make-up step by step. The skin will thank you!

Natural, healthy, non-toxic? Take under the magnifying glass

Healthy makeup has a lot of pluses. It looks more natural, is mild to the skin, non-toxic and in addition friendly planet. Although cosmetics bearing the label “eco” and “natural” appears on store shelves more and more, some of them beyond the name have nothing to do with nature. Do not get caught on pretty carefully read the label and warehouses. If you do not have knowledge that a component is healthy and what is not, try checking applications stores of cosmetics or read blogs devoted to an analysis of warehouses and choose the pro-ducts more consciously.

Prepare the skin: the cream and SPF

Smooth, moisturized skin is the best background for any makeup. Take care of your skin and after-care hallowed it a few moments each day. Wash the morning and stonizuj and in the evening also thoroughly wash makeup, e.g.,. By means of the natural oil (essential oil or a special favorite make-up remover). Before applying makeup massage into the skin moisturizing cream with natural ingredients and a small amount of sunscreen. If you are looking for a healthy sunscreen reach for the mineral filter – in a natural and non-toxic way to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and works well under makeup Many mineral filters leaving white film, so before buying, make sure that you-taken by you the product well melted skin.

Choose healthier primer

When healthy sleepers have to choose – on the market there are both light, natural BB creams made with organic, vegan ingredients, moisturizing creams with a touch of color, ie. tinted moisturizers, and good for the skin sleepers minerals. If you like satin or matte finish makeup, choose loose mineral foundation that will give you this effect. Apply it slightly moistened brush (e.g., spraying it. Thermal water). Closer to you fashionable glass skin effect, the radiant, luminous skin? Reach for the cosmetic cream or oil CUTE SECRET. For greater effect, “wet” skin can also apply natural make-up oil or pat a few drops of your fingertips on top of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Regardless of whether you choose a foundation, BB cream or powder, do not go overboard with the amount of makeup, because I talk about current trends emphasizing the natural beauty and does not cover up the strength of all imperfections.

Correct what you need

Use the equalizer to light up the area under the eyes, and if your skin is problematic, zatuszuj more pimples. Finding a natural equalizer is difficult, but doable – select equalizer or a mineral with organic ingredients. You may need to test a few to find the product that meets your expectations, but once you hit the appropriate, will be like the Holy Grail in your make-up bag. Equalizer can also be used as a base for shadows or rozświetlacza.

Comb and capture your eyebrows

Natural make-up likes simple solutions. It is true that you strongly emphasized eyebrows, if you like, but look minimalist type of feather brow is now very fashionable. “Featherweight” eyebrows reach with a brush and eyebrow gel that you can replace oil … or organic, colorless lipstick mouth. Comb eyebrows Italian pro-brush gently guide grooves in the direction of the temple. If you do not have a strong enough eyebrows to achieve a fashionable effect, you can cheat a little nature and dorysować single Italian crayon color-matched to the framing of your eyes.

Roses and already

In the market you will find many great bronzers and rose a healthy, vegan configurations. Their color range is slightly smaller than traditional cosmetics due to the use of only natural dyes, but their intensity can be graded by applying more or less product. Among the natural cosmetics you will also find non-toxic rozświetlacze, so you do not have to give up your favorite glow effect.

Wytuszuj eyelashes

Eyelashes for many of us, the dot over the “i” in makeup. Although hard to find a mascara for good formula-truth without toxic ingredients, which does not deviate from the classic inks, at least several brands, which will not be disappointed. Before purchasing the review-search network. This is what you should pay attention to, it is organic composition, pigments and mineral oils. Plus? Regular use of natural mascara works on strengthening your lashes, thanks to formulas based on organic nourishing oils.

Utrwal make-up hydrolatem

Fixer makeup has its effective natural counterpart, which you can use to fix the make-up, but also refresh the skin during the day or as a tonic. Hydrolate vegetable spray can not put the mask on your face, which did not move, but it will help melt cosmetics with skin and prolong the life of makeup in a healthy way for your skin. Reach hydrolate that you like: lavender, rose or orange? The choice is yours. Psst! If you do not know where to start searching for natural cosmetics, refer to the Rossmann drugstore – offer you can find a lot of completely new products with natural ingredients.