How to mask suckers without coloring and without a visit to the hairdresser?

How to mask suckers without coloring and without a visit to the hairdresser?

Hair after dyeing look stunning, but after a few weeks up to begin to be visible roots. In the current situation at the hairdresser coloring is not possible, the performance of the treatment alone at home can outgrow our skills. Fortunately, sales are available formulations that will temporarily mask the roots and gray hair.

If you need to leave the house, and your hair regrowth clear unsightly, you can use cosmetics that allow you to temporarily hide a different color their hair at the root. These preparations generally have the form of an ink, a spray, a stick or a shadow. They do not change the permanent shade of hair and wash at the first shampooing. They are available in several shades – from light blonde to black.

Cosmetic masking suckers

See our selection of products:

  • L’Oreal Paris, the Magic Retouch, retouching brush suckers

L’Oreal Paris, the Magic Retouch, retouching brush suckers

It has a form resembling a cosmetic mascara, so that the application is extremely easy and very precise. Blends in with the color of hair, making precise masks or gray hair regrowth. Just gently apply the preparation on dry and smooth bands, and then comb it with a brush or comb to evenly distribute the cosmetic. The product dries in about 5 minutes, and maintained until the wash the hair with shampoo.

  • Syoss Root Retoucher, spray masking suckers

Coloring spray in seconds hides and conceals roots and gray hair, giving a uniform color effect for moms site. It also allows you to alleviate the transition between different shades of hair. Precision applicator makes the preparation can be applied exactly in those places where it is needed. Cosmetic washes after one shampooing.

  • Delia Cosmetics, Hair & Cameleo Root Touch-Up equalizer tusz roots and gray hair

Cosmetic conveniently takes the form of a stick, which just paint over the desired area. The preparation should be applied to the regrowth, gently massage and leave to dry. Cosmetics also cover gray hair. To continue the first shampooing.

  • Color WOW Root Cover, equalizer suckers

Color WOW Root Cover, equalizer suckers

Equalizer precisely masks both the roots and gray hair. It is resistant to mechanical actions such as rubbing or combing through the cap. Equalizer is applied to a special, convenient to use a brush. You should start from the scalp and move towards the ends and repeat the process until roots disappear. Cosmetic leaves no sticky or greasy residue.

See also other preparations:

Other ways to mask suckers

Beauty is not everything. The suckers secret until the opening of salons will also help probably tricks:

  • Regrowth is less visible on the wavy and curly hair.
  • The masked hair regrowth will be bound in such a way as to place boundary between different shades of bands.


  • It is better to abandon the clear, equal compartments, which makes the regrowth becomes more visible.
  • The attention of suckers effectively turn the band.