Demotivating lyrics that annoy any woman on a diet

Demotivating lyrics that annoy any woman on a diet

When deciding on a weight loss, the most afraid of yo-yo effect, because the metabolism of 40. likes to play tricks. Wrongly. A much greater threat turned out to be full of concern and questions the council friends and acquaintances. Therefore, if some strange twist of fate, need tips on how to irritate a few minutes the woman who wants to reduce its size, here they are. Tested on itself!

1. I wish you to succeed this time

Geniality unbelievable, is not it? There is nothing more motivating than subtle reminder that this is another attempt that ended earlier this spectacular failure. Apparently thumbs are kept, but defeatism until thick. The only thing missing is to ensure that regardless of the outcome and will remain a beloved donut.

2. Why is losing weight, if you already have a husband?

Because as you know the root cause of any actions taken by a woman to find a man. And in the day that manages to entrap him, it becomes a priority to serve you well behaved and furious chases other females. Especially those of childbearing age. Oddity? Undoubtedly. But to hear the comments kept in the style of reasoning can. Unfortunately.

3. From one cookies yet no one died

Maybe not, but keep in dietary check will not be easy for sure. There is nothing more annoying than a compulsive desire to feed the people who are on a diet. Unprecedented generosity is often accompanied by a diet evangelization. “You are on a diet based on low glycemic index? It makes no sense, better results, optimal diet.” “Maybe Dr. pomyślałabyś about diet. Dąbrowskiej? These 42 days post fruit and vegetable supposedly pass quickly.”

4. Do not damage your breast?

No. On the contrary. I hope that finally no longer looks like a hood over the folds. Do not know why it is still popular belief that breasts immersed in the fatty sheath is more enticing than smaller for firmer breasts. However, you may need to repeat once again: No, it is not so, that the only possible effect of weight loss is a bust in the shape of socks filled with wet sand.

5. Do you prefer to look young and thin? At a certain age you have to decide on something …

My favorite among demotywacyjnych comments. Apparently there is no intermediate step. Or pucołowatość juvenile or senile sunken cheeks with deep furrows. And although it is difficult to figure out why this belief in the rejuvenating power of the subcutaneous fat layer, it is even more astonishing is the belief of some that dieting lose pounds with a capacity for self-control of the situation and subconsciously seek to mummification in life.

6. What will you do as you obwiśnie skin?

I’ll cut and make into a lampshade. Because at some point lacks the strength to explain that weight loss is a thought that you start to eat fewer calories and move more and do not intend to lose weight at a rate of 10 kg per week. Inhale Exhale.

7. This means that you will never eat normally?

No never. Because reasonable reduction in the number of calories assimilated and paying more attention to what they have in their composition of purchased intermediates is completely abnormal. Irritating? Yes. It is impossible not to notice that thinking about diet in terms of “abnormal” style diet, which for this reason should last as short as possible, it happens on both sides of the barricade. And those on a diet, and those who consider it a whim.

8. How did such an idea, you have trouble with self-acceptance?

Rather, acceptance of breath after a short przebieżce and even the fact that most of my clothing is made of stretchable material. But nothing translations that at the age postbalzakowskim taking care of the condition is more dictated by common sense and shift the retirement age than vanity. It arouse pity rather full smile. Safer nod and move away. With the remnants of dignity.

9. Gene not fool!

There is nothing like a decent log feet. In their podkładaniu aims fluffy part of the family or friends of the psychopathic personality trait. Sometimes the mind is accompanied by the argument of the so-called. thick bones. Take the risk of serious discussion cooling the atmosphere and relaxation contacts. Wait a minute, in fact it sounds more than tempting.

10. Be careful, look at me a person with a tendency to yo-yo

So how to hit someone in the face without removing hands from his pocket. As subtle as spitting feet. Can arouse a desire to murder, but a better solution would be to discharge negative emotions even on the treadmill. Because – quite seriously – any, even the most painful attention, you can replace the motivation to even more intensive exercise. Is it working? For me, yes. But with one exception, in the long run, the best solution is, however, positive motivation.