Cosmetics that can “grow” at home! What plants should be planted in the care and use?

Cosmetics that can “grow” at home! What plants should be planted in the care and use?

In brief

  • 1. Aloe. Moisturizes and accelerates wound healing
  • 2. basil. Soothes and helps fight the imperfections
  • 3. Mint. It helps fight dandruff and blackheads
  • 4. Gardenia. Rejuvenates, moisturizes and smells
  • 5. A miniature rose. The mask with her participation makes the skin smooth and radiant

Aloe is a succulent, which in our climate can be successfully grown only in home conditions. The plant should be placed in a pot with continuous access to a relatively large amount of light. You do not need it but too often watered. Properties of aloe can be used both in medicine and cosmetics. Alone, at home, you can make a special gel enriched with it. It will accelerate wound healing, moisturizing and przeciwświądowo work – eg. To the face. Just “carve out” from the pulp of aloe leaves. Then move to the mixer and mixed with the crushed vitamin C or lemon juice. That’s all! Such a substance applied to the troublesome enough space. However, one should remember to keep the gel in the fridge!

Some basil is associated only with aromatic spice, but really it can be used in many different ways. Fresh leaves perfect in medicine and cosmetics. They can be rubbed on the skin places where there are imperfections – contribute to their leveling. In addition, they have a soothing effect, thus helping in inflammation, itching or ringworm. Just pour it with hot water and the infusion (eg. Soaking the swab) to treat troublesome place. Growing basil is very simple. It can be grown in the garden or in the house, in a pot. The plant should be placed on the window sill and stay at not less than 5 degrees Celsius. You should also remember that it watered regularly – several times a week.

They have a soothing effect, thus helping in inflammation, itching or ringworm

Mint flavoring is especially and can “excellent” many of the features. Including those that are associated with care. It helps to get rid of blackheads, has a beneficial effect on oily skin, and also supports the fight against dandruff. You just need to know how to use it. The best bet, of course, the fresh leaves. They can be prepared, “sausage” and lean over her face. This will help get rid of blackheads and also refresh the skin. Spearmint oil or chopped, fresh leaves can be added to your shampoo and thoroughly treat the scalp – this will help cope with dandruff and in a natural way. Growing mint, like basil, is very simple. Just hold mint in a pot on the windowsill and watered regularly.

They can be prepared, “sausage” and lean over her face.

Gardenia is a beautiful plant with white flowers, which also can be used in cosmetics. The store is full of all sorts of resources from its addition. But it is worth it to grow in the home, and the leaves and flowers used for treatments. Those who like aromatic baths, they can add them to the water, and the previously “rub” in his hands. Thanks to this fragrance will be intense.

Gardenia moisturizes the skin, and also helps to alleviate depression and calms. It also contains vitamins A, B and C, so you want to chop the leaves and apply it on the face on a mask. This will help to nutrition and hydration, making the skin will look young and healthy. Plant breeding is not complicated. It does not need a lot of sun, so it can be located even in the dark place. In the summer you should pour it abundantly, in the winter and less often.

Some grow roses in the garden, while others rely on the miniature, which grow in pots. When it comes to decorating the interior, they must be carefully nurtured. Bushes should have permanent access to the light, but not too strong, because they quickly wither. We must also take care of it, to always have a damp earth, and from time to time it is worth their leaves sprinkled with water. Rose petals (preferably ground) should be used to create a nourishing mask. You have to mix the cream cheese with the slurry, and to add honey and (optional) lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and apply on the skin. After a few such “treatments” skin will be smoother and nourished Mums Blog.